Yesterday, remote work was a nice-to-have; today, it’s essential. Avid is providing these resources to help media production teams affected by the coronavirus transition to remote workflows.

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How to Move Media Production to Remote Workflows

How to Move Media Production to Remote Workflows

Here’s what production teams need to know about standing up remote workflows in the short term and transitioning to a cloud-based model in the long term.

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Creative Editing in the Cloud

The Rough Cut Podcast: Frontline Editor Steve Audette, ACE

Steve talks with Avid’s Matt Feury about covering the unfolding coronavirus crisis—while simultaneously managing the changes that crisis has forced in his team’s workflow.

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Remote News Workflow Demo 

Manage a Remote News Workflow From Your PC or Laptop

Avid’s Craig Wilson breaks down our remote news workflow using Cloud UX, iNews client, and Command.

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Remote-Broadcast Workflow Demo 

Manage a Remote Broadcast Workflow From Your PC or Laptop

Avid’s Craig Wilson breaks down our remote broadcast workflow using Cloud UX and Media Composer.

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Media Composer-Remote or Virtual Machine 

Remote Access or VM?

Not sure which Media Composer option best addresses your remote workflow needs? Here’s a primer.

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Remote Access Guides 

Remote Access Guides

If you’re already an Avid customer, many of the products you already use have options for remote access and collaboration. These guides outline the features and provide implementation advice.

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Staying Productive and Safe Remote WorkHelping You Stay Productive and Safe, Wherever You’re Working

In this blog post, CEO Jeff Rosica shares how Team Avid is quickly mobilizing to help you address the challenges of working remotely.

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Free Licenses for StudentsOur Commitment to Students—No Matter Where They’re Learning

Avid is providing free 90-day licenses to students at qualifying educational institutions, so they can continue their education when they’re not in the classroom.

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Temporary Licenses for Remote UsersFree Temporary Licenses for Remote Users

For current media enterprise customers impacted by facility closures, we’re providing free 90-day licenses to enable your team members to continue working remotely.

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