MediaCentral | Graphics Management—coming soon


Seamlessly integrate graphics across your entire workflow

Bring powerful graphics management and access directly into your news or sports production workflow for faster content turnaround. MediaCentral | Graphics Management is a workflow module that delivers reliable asset management and seamless workflow integration across MediaCentral and the Maestro graphics production environment, providing easier access to production tools, better efficiency, and tighter collaboration.

Product Highlights

  • Gain greater efficiency
  • Turn around graphics faster
  • Get reliable graphics management
  • With MediaCentral | Graphics Management, you can browse, search for, and transfer images, templates, video clips, documents, and rundowns all within a single interface—MediaCentral | Cloud UX—from anywhere, using any device. Regardless of where the assets are stored. It offers a unique solution to manage every type of asset in your production within one system, delivering a much more efficient workflow.

  • MediaCentral | Graphics Management gives team members access to all shared media, facilitating more streamlined workflows between MediaCentral and Maestro. You can even drag and drop clips and images directly into Maestro | News graphics templates from the MediaCentral interface, enabling you to update graphics with late-breaking information and get them to air quickly.

  • MediaCentral | Graphics Management works in both standalone and multisystem environments, providing essential graphics tools across all workflow applications. This includes ingest, cataloging, proxy generation, custom metadata creation, advanced search, user rights management, asset moving, hot folder ingest, and workflow management.