Speed up your editorial workflow

Share projects and media with everyone

If you use Media Composer | Ultimate, you already know the benefits of sharing projects and bins. MediaCentral | Editorial Management takes this a big step further. Leveraging Avid's HyperBin technology, you can access shared projects, bins, and media using MediaCentral | Cloud UX—on practically any desktop, laptop, or mobile device, or directly in your editing application as a MediaCentral | Panel.

Find files fast

MediaCentral | Editorial Management makes it easy to locate the assets you need. Its built-in search and browse capabilities enable you to locate, view, log, and access video, audio, images, and other media in a variety of ways across Avid NEXIS or Avid NEXIS | PRO storage. You can also play video and audio content, get a closer look at the asset details, and mark any media as favorites.

Get organized while cutting costs

No need to invest in expensive workstations or additional seats of Media Composer to jumpstart new projects or facilitate the review process. MediaCentral | Editorial Management enables anyone, anywhere, to create, browse, search for, organize, and manage projects, bins, and media—as well as play content—using any device.

Accelerate editing

For Media Composer | Ultimate and Adobe Premiere Pro* editors, MediaCentral | Editorial Management makes it easy to create, manage, and search through shared Media Composer | Ultimate projects and bins—even if they’re not open—and add Avid NEXIS-stored media to their own bins. In addition, Media Composer | Ultimate editors can browse through non-Avid media and link source files to their bins, while Premiere editors can add Avid and non-Avid media to their bins.

Integrate MediaCentral into your editing app

No need to leave the comforts of your Media Composer | Ultimate or Adobe Premiere Pro* editing window to search for media in MediaCentral. Just add the MediaCentral | Panel for Media Composer or MediaCentral | Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro CC and you can access MediaCentral right inside your editing application. Plus, because MediaCentral is an open platform, support for third-party editing software can be added.

Coordinate tasks

MediaCentral | Editorial Management can manage millions of files and folders across Avid NEXIS or Avid NEXIS | PRO. This enables assistant editors to start prepping bins and projects and adding content from Avid NEXIS directly to Media Composer | Ultimate bins for the editor. Managing projects just got easier too, as existing projects already housed on an Avid NEXIS workspace can now be indexed and added as current projects directly to MediaCentral | Editorial Management. You can also expand your team’s capabilities and streamline your production further with apps and services for logging, archiving, phonetic searching, and more coming soon.

Streamline project prep—just added

You can now create subclips and simple sequences right from the MediaCentral | Editorial Management browser, making it easy for PAs to organize material into more manageable chunks for smoother editing, collaboration, and project tracking—without requiring Media Composer. Save subclips and sequences to a bin, ready for editors. And play subclips and rendered sequences created in Media Composer right in the browser.

Set up, maintain, and expand with ease

Get easy set-up and maintenance

MediaCentral | Editorial Management is super easy to install and set up. Its configuration wizard walks you through all the steps needed to integrate Editorial Management services with your Avid NEXIS storage. And because its user management and permissions control piggyback onto your current Avid NEXIS user settings, it requires no additional configuration or maintenance. Each team member only sees the workspaces to which they have access to in Avid NEXIS.

Design your own unique solution

Every post house’s needs and budget are different. That’s why MediaCentral | Editorial Management is fully customizable. Start small with a minimum set of features for a team of two, then—coming soon—you'll be able to add more apps, services, and other options to expand your capabilities.

* Adobe Premiere Pro functionality is coming soon.