Create and edit your story

Work with a variety of media

Features Media in Bins_monitor

Whether you’ve got a video camera, mobile device, or trove of files strewn across multiple hard drives, Media Composer | First makes it easy to turn raw footage into fully polished stories. Directly access and edit file-based video, audio, and graphics files in the size and resolution you want. Or work with 4K video in your HD or SD timeline using FrameFlex. Plus, with up to five bins available to sort media, you can keep things organized and ready for use.

Edit video with ease

Features Editing

With its simple-to-use tools, you can focus on creating and telling a great story—not on the software. Quickly browse, preview, and select clips, and assemble a rough cut fast using the Source Browser. Unleash your creative ideas across four video tracks and eight audio tracks. And edit at the speed of your imagination with a powerful yet streamlined interface that offers onscreen guidance to make professional-level editing accessible to everyone.

Fix what's funky

Features Fix Funky

Shaky camera footage. Bad lighting. Misaligned shots. Less than stellar dialog. No need to throw a reality TV-level tantrum. Media Composer | First helps you fix things in a flash. From tools that help you stabilize camera shake and enhance exposure, to features that enable you to reframe shots and punch in new dialog where needed, you have everything you need to right what’s wrong.

Get advanced tools

Features Multicam

Media Composer | First goes where other free editing applications leave off, providing many features professionals depend on. Experience the speed and efficiency pros do, without the cost. Gain advanced workflows, including multicam editing, audio ducking, and the ability to reframe high-res sources. And never lose sight of your clips, metadata, and other material with reliable media management keeping track of everything, protecting your ass(ets).

Get the look and sound you want

Bring your imagination to life

Features VFX in Action

Want to achieve a cinematic look, create special effects, set the mood through color, or give yourself credit where credit is due? Media Composer | First has you covered. Add stunning visual effects and transitions. Speed up or slow down video. Correct color—or skew it for artistic expression—with color templates and effects. And make your name known using the title tool and templates.

Make your picture sound as good as it looks

Features Audio Mixing Tool

Media Composer | First is more than just a video editor. It contains a virtual recording studio to help you create professional-quality soundtracks. Edit and mix dialog, music, and sound effects to bring words, emotion, and ground-shaking intensity to your picture. Record narration and voiceovers with audio punch-in. And breathe new life into mixes using a variety of included audio effects.

Expand your creative palette

Features Marketplace

Add more weaponry to your editing arsenal—without emptying your wallet. Browse and shop the in-app Avid Marketplace for affordable video effects, audio plugins, software add-ons, stock footage, music, and more. No shirt, shoes, or pants required. It’s the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to enhance your stories and take your editing skills to the next level.

Achieve your creative potential

Share your work with the world

Features Publish

Once your video is ready for primetime, Media Composer | First makes it easy to showcase your talent, gain more opportunities for your content to be seen, and get recognition for your work. With easy publishing, you can upload video directly to social media platforms, including YouTube and Vimeo, for mass consumption.

Take your storytelling further

Features Storytelling Further

Media Composer | First is completely free to use and provides a core set of tools and features that will satisfy those new to video editing and casual users. Once you’re ready to take on more complex projects, connect to advanced I/O devices, or collaborate with others professionally in a MediaCentral environment, you can easily subscribe or upgrade to Media Composer directly in the app.