Bring Real-Time Branding Graphics to Your Production

Get everything you need to create, render, and schedule stunning channel branding graphics and video content. The Maestro | TX Bundle is a real-time channel branding solution*, providing the hardware and software you need to create captivating content that engages and informs viewers. It integrates with all major automation systems and comes with an Active X module to interface with all popular traffic systems, making it an easy fit into any existing infrastructure.

The bundle includes...

  • Maestro | TX (1 license)—Control software for creating actions to trigger graphics
  • Maestro | TX Browser (1 license)—Module for accessing Maestro | TX actions and content from within your traffic application
  • Maestro | Designer (1 license)—2D/3D graphics authoring application
  • Maestro | Engine—Real-time graphics rendering platform (3G/IP/HD/SD)
  • Maestro | Engine monitoring software (1 license)—Provides hardware systems management and monitoring
  • Clip Player (1 license)—Provides clip playback combined with graphics
  • Text Effects plugin (1 license for Maestro | Designer, 1 license for Maestro | Engine)—Enables text animation and real-time effects
  • Automation system driver (1 license)—Enables integration with all major automation systems
  • Mechanical and software (watchdog) bypass—Switches to an alternative feed in case of power or application failure
  • Support—Includes 1 year of ExpertPlus support with hardware coverage

* Please note that a Control PC is required but not included with this bundle.