Artist Relations

Meet the creators who use Avid products to bring us the most listened to, most watched and most loved media in the world
In every country and every culture, music has always existed to help us express what it means to be human. Come and meet some of the worlds’ finest composers, musicians, producers and engineers who bring us the joy of music every day.
Film and Video
The art and science of storytelling has evolved throughout history. From the written page, to the silver screen, to the mobile device it continues to evolve. It’s the desire to share our stories that remains constant. Meet the video producers and filmmakers who bring us these stories.
Post Audio
In every movie or TV show, the story is told half in pictures and half in sound. Voices tell the story, effects make imagined worlds feel real, and music stirs our emotions. Come meet the people who use sound to make the films and shows we love come to life.
Live Sound
Whether it’s in a stadium, nightclub, or a house of worship, there are few things that can bring people together more than experiencing music in a live setting. See the engineers who help create the perfect audio environment for enjoying live music.